The RGH Difference

Mission Statement
The mission of Riverside General Hospital is to provide an environment which promotes excellence in patient care in which physicians, with the support of other well trained health care personnel and specialized equipment, can deliver superior medical care.

Which is interpreted as our Vision Statement:
"Pursuing Excellence For Customer Satisfaction Because We Care About You."

Hospital Philosophy
It is the philosophy of Riverside General Hospital that each individual who presents to this facility be provided the highest quality of medical care. All patients have the right to access and receive care at Riverside General Hospital, irregardless of their socioeconomic condition, age, sex, creed, and ethnicity. The medical and professional staff must be qualified to provide the services rendered. Riverside General Hospital maintains the philosophy that it exist to meet the needs of the community and to assure that the Role and Mission statement is fulfilled.

Riverside General Hospital has established the RGH 16 Quality Points to ensure that administration, staff, patients and visitors know that we care and are here to help.

Riverside General Hosiptal's Core Values

Respect- Each staff, patient, or visitor will be treated with respect.
Integrity- Care is provided in a method that ensures the highest level of quality.
Verbalize- Convey a message of empathy and professionalism.
Explain- Discuss each procedure to ensure understanding.
Respond- Act quickly to satisfy needs presented and anticipated.
Support- Assist patients and co-workers through supportive listening and actions.
Initiate- If someone looks confused, ask to help.
Dignity- Treat each patient with dignity and professional courtesy.
Edify- Identify and acknowledge excellence in others.